Liberty Arts House Concerts Fundraiser

Tuesday, Dec 17th ~ 6:30 pm

Happiest of holidays and hello All,

It’s a holiday potluck and fundraiser for Liberty Arts House Concerts!!! Circle Tuesday, December 17th on your calendars and let us know if you’ll be joining us for an evening of Tara Syester and Pie. I met Tara at a Middle TN Songwriter’s round in Murfreesboro a couple of months ago and was immediately drawn to her music and personality.

I asked her about a bio and perhaps a picture..well, the best I can provide you with is from her FB photos and here’s what Tara wrote under the “About” link:

“All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song”- Louis Armstrong

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”- Aldous Huxley

“A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians”– Frank Zappa

“I told ’em I wud’nt no hand fer dressin when I was goin, I jest fixt t’ suit myself. God knows what’s inside me, that’s what counts”- Ethel Corn

“Get your facts straight then you can distort them as you please”– Mark Twain

I can’t wait for you to meet her and hear us songswarm not only on some originals, but for the holidays, we’re allowing some familiar singalongs! All donations will go to fixing the front porch ceiling and step railing.

Thank you again for your amazing support and encouragement for the continuation of these musical evenings!

See you on Dec. 17th!!


Doors open at 6:30pm and music starts @ 7:30pm.

Bring your favorite beverage or dish to share. 

 Suggested contribution is $15 for musicians.

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Peace Within

Sunday, August 9th, 2015 we lost a kindred soul, gifted songwriter performer and champion of human rights.  Our grief is overwhelming…Audrey Auld performed at our very first house concert, and what a night it was!  Remembering you with sweet, sassy thoughts, Audrey as I watch it again.  I hope you’re making as much noise in that angel band as you made down here with us.  Play on girl, play on.

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Liberty Arts Center is a not-for-profit organization and your contributions help us continue to invite songwriter performers to our community.  

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Thank You for your support!

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